Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Kiedock Kim is a metallurgical engineer who presently serves as mill manager for Veris Gold Corporation in Elko, Nevada, where he maintains responsibility for the safety and production of a gold milling operation. In his free time, Kiedock Kim enjoys photography and volunteers his services to church functions and friends’ weddings.

Photographing a wedding is a huge responsibility, and usually, the couple getting married has high expectations that the photos perfectly capture the special day. Here are a few tips for beginners:

1. Create a shot list: Meet with the couple beforehand to get a list of shots that they would like to see, and make sure you get each of these shots. This is especially important for family photos.

2. Assign a family photo coordinator: To make the photo shoots easier, have one member of the family be responsible for rounding up the appropriate people for the various family photos.

3. Scout the location before the wedding: Take some time to get a feel for the setting. You could even bring the couple along to take some test photos.

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